Armoured Vehicles

Defender Armoured

Protection with discretion. Protection with capability. Protection with reassurance. The new Defender Armoured is almost indistinguishable from the standard Defender and has been engineered to meet VR7 level with independent whole vehicle test validation by QinetiQ® in accordance with European Standard BRV 2009 VR7. Of course, nothing comes close to Defender when it comes to taking on, and beating, some of the world’s toughest terrain. With its permanent four-wheel drive it gives optimum all-weather performance on and off-road. This capability is uncompromised in the new Defender Armoured and the standard vehicle’s payload parameters remain. What’s more, it can carry up to seven passengers*, making it the ideal vehicle for organisations such as NGOs and oil or mining companies that work in harsh environments.


Defender Armoured is the first ever ‘factory approved’ discreetly armoured Defender, which has been developed in conjunction with RMA Group. The new Defender Armoured is validated to B6 level protection by QinetiQ®. It means that the new Defender Armoured has been rigorously tested, and passed, as a complete vehicle – not just the materials and components that have been fitted to it. As an approved product the vehicle maintains its full 50,000 mile (80,000km) manufacturer’s warranty and can be repaired or serviced within Land Rover’s extensive worldwide network of approved dealers.

The new Defender Armoured contains bullet resistant glazing, ballistic steel armouring and Kevlar® floor protection which contribute to ensuring the vehicle can withstand an attack from high velocity, high calibre bullets and help to provide optimum occupant protection while being contained within the original 3,500kg gross vehicle weight.
The additional weight of armoured protection on the new Defender Armoured does not compromise agility and performance with upgrades to the brakes and the addition of OEM heavy duty suspension. The vehicle retains its legendary capability and is ready to take on difficult conditions. Defender Armoured also maintains flexibility and capacity.


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